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在今天(3月28日)的考试中,四箭齐发小范围超级重点口语几乎全套命中,TASK 2/3/4/5/6 为原题命中,TASK 1为话题命中,即题目高度类似,详情如下:

TASK 1(与四箭齐发小范围超级重点的题高度相似,答案可套用)

if you want to donate money to a charity in the community, which one would you prefer: (1)Environmental group (2) library (3) animal shelter

TASK 2(四箭齐发小范围超级重点命中)

Students should do part-time jobs before attending college. Please use specific reasons and examples in your answer.

TASK 3(四箭齐发小范围超级重点命中)

阅读:心理学的学生写信给学校出版一个心理学的杂志,来帮助学生publish their reportsresearch and articles.

听力:女生同意,(1)可以让作者感到很骄傲,it is useful to show some of the achievements made by students that didn’t win recognition on a national level; (2)帮助新学生学着写论文,学生可以利用 published papers as a template to learn how to write their own papers

TASK 4(四箭齐发小范围超级重点命中)

阅读:心理学概念,Coherence Bias (consistency effect)。人总是用现在的经验过滤过去的回忆;当人对一个东西的评价和以前不一样,会认为自己的想法跟以前是一样的,不承认自己的想法改变过。 听力:教授用他哥做例子予以说明,曾是中学数学老师,不喜欢新校长,还和教授抱怨过;但是后来新校 长后来做了不少好事,又喜欢了。当教授和他哥提起他曾经负面评价校长,他哥表示不记得了,说一直都 觉得校长很好啊。

TASK 5(四箭齐发小范围超级重点命中)

一个学生要放学回家,但是外面风大雨大。她早晨出门天气很好,所以她没带伞也没有雨衣。但是 她急着回家写历史作业,因为相关数据在家,作业又是第二天截至。她有2个选择:一是等她室友,她室 友有车,但是她室友下午有课,所以得等她下课。选择2是搭出租车回家,但是出租车费很贵。问你prefer 哪种。

TASK 6四箭齐发小范围超级重点命中)

Many animals try to store their food in case there is a shortage of food. But in order to prevent the food from going badanimals use two types of strategies to keep it fresh. The first strategy is to keep the food dry. For example, the squirrels often dry the mushrooms by putting them on tree branches and wait for them to dry out before storing them for food. The second strategy is to keep the food cold. For example, the beaver puts the tree leaves and tree branches into the water where it is cold. This will prevent bacteria from growing in the food and therefore the food will stay fresh much longer.

阅读:英国船Mary Rose 1545年在Battle of Solent 沉没。
1. gunport
2. Mary Rose


Do you agree or disagree:
It is better to finish a project completely and the do another project than do two more projects at the same time?



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